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November 25, 2008


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You can now get stand-alone internet service from AT&T, we've been paying for an unused phone line for years just to get internet. The combined bill has crept up to $70-$80 a month, but the highest stand alone plan is only $45-$50. So we'll be making that switch, though I know some people want to hold on to their land line.

Another good place to look for freebies is your employer and your bank. They often have corporate partners that can save you a bunch on certain services.

Some companies are forced to offer prices based upon antitrust agreements with the federal government, yet don't necessarily advertise those prices. When I got ready to buy internet for my home, I dug around on the AT&T website and found a place on the terms and conditions page that lists a "$10 Basic DSL". Then in another place, I found a discussion on a 'measured rate phone line'. After purchasing each, I end up with limited local calling, unlimited DSL, and a bill of only $17.25/month (low $20s after taxes/fees). Also, if you live in a former indian territory, some companies will give you a phone line for only $1/month.... again something they will never advertise.

I just got AT&T to cut my residential TV / Telephony / Internet Bill by almost 50%.

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