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November 21, 2008


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I lived in Northern Maine for a while and they did a lot- such as "banking their house- meaning they would wrap the base of their house (around the crawlspace) with plastic and then put bales of straw to insulate.

Now that i am back to a more mild Utah, we just clear out room in the garage to park the cars, and put plastic over the window in our bedroom to keep the drafts out.

Re #4 - I do, my keyless entry quit a couple years ago. Never had a freezing problem though, but if I do I'll remember this.

De-icer is typically methanol which combines with any water in the tank and prevents freezing. Almost all gasoline sold in the US is now a 10% ethanol blend which does the same thing. So de-icer is redundant if you are using blended fuel.

I lived in Northern Wisconsin when I was learning how to drive. Never had a problem with the key slot freezing, but I've heard of it. As for using gas de-icer in the tank, you only need to do that if you let the tank get below 1/4 tank, the temp gets below zero, and it sits overnight. Then it gets too much water in the gas for the engine to work, but you want to try it first before you add the Heet because the air might have been too dry for there to be enough condensation in the tank. I'd just keep a bottle of feul de-icer in the trunk, just in case. You're more likely to need jumper cables than fuel de-icer, anyway, because cold weather makes the battery not work as well, so keep the jumper cables next to the Heet.

How I prepare for winter:

Step 1: Contemplate closing the windows.
Step 2: Reluctantly take out sweatshirt and maybe a sweater. Maybe.
Step 3: Laugh at the poor souls who don't live in SoCal. :D

I am a horrible person who sends pictures of the beach to my family when I hear about a snowstorm where they live.

I do not use a key to open my car door because it's electronic,but I will like to tell everyone when we had rain mixed with snow. I could not open my car door. I used the key, but it did not turn the lock. Thank God, someone from outside had a small can of de-icer. Worked like a champ.

I would use powered graphite instead.

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