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November 12, 2008


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Funny you mention this - we love Logan's also. We lived walking distance from the one in Clarksville TN. We have since moved, and my kids still talk about "the peanut place" being their favorite and they wish they had one in Atlanta. I actually looked at buying the stock, since we loved it so much. They were bought out by Cracker Barrel I believe, who then went into bankruptcy.

"BTW, Logan's has a "buy a $25 gift card and get an extra $5 free" deal going on now. I'm there all the time, so I think I'll buy a few of those for meals next year."

That's a good plan, unless Logan's goes bye bye before you can spend the gift cards.

Logan's does this promotion every year near Christmas. Awesome place and I don't see it going anywhere, wherever that idea came from. They just opened another one by my house and the service in our area is similar to what you describe.

You know I have one near my house for the longest time and I have never eaten there! This should convince me to give it a try soon.

Re: We lived walking distance from the one in Clarksville TN

I've wondered about this for 40 years:

When does the last train to Clarksville run?

Stuff like this is store-specific, seems to me. The management and staff at each location can make experiences dramatically different even within the same chain. So it helps to qualify your recommendation with the town or store. I've been to Logan's in Manassas, VA a few times, and though it's been a while, i remember i was less than impressed.

I also think there's a bit of luck or randomness involved, because i've been to places people swear by and had bad times, and others haven't like places i've recommended.

It's great that you've found a spot that treats you right! Once you develop that "regular" status, some places really go out of their way to ensure you have a good experience.

Seth Godin once wrote on his blog that the best marketing is:

Under promise; over preform.

So true.

Well, since you asked:

The last train to Clarksville song is talking about the train from Nashville to Clarksville TN. Clarksville has Fort Campbell, and all the troops would go down to Nashville about 50 miles away for the nightlife. The song is about the last train out, though I can't say what time that was 8;). BTW, Jimi Hendrix was in the 101st Airborne, the main unit at Fort Campbell, about the time that song came out.

Went to Logan's a few weeks back with my girlfriend and the manager gave us some sort of gift card for it being our first time there.

It's great that you mention the company's that are good to you, as well as those that aren't so good. I've never eaten at a Logan's, but there's one near my house, so maybe I'll give them a try sometime. It's nice to support the good guys!

If you are looking for a Logan's Roadhouse in the Atlanta area- There is one in Douglasville and in McDonough GA. Both are great restaurants but the one in Mcdonough has a great crew and great managers. We go to the one in McDonough at least once a month. They have a 2 meals for $13 on Mondays and Tuesdays and it makes it easy for my large family to eat great without spending a lot.
I agree with some of the things Jeremiah says - but there is always a manager there to talk to us at the one in McDonough and although we have had some issues - the manager has always gone out of there way to correct them- that is why we keep coming back.

I suppose it could be just the few logans i've eaten at that are barely mediocre and that there are some out there that are worth it, but i've yet to eat at one worth my money.

I'm very happy to see one in Richmond, KY as I visit family in that area quite often. I've told all my family about Logan's and to try it out.

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