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November 17, 2008


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I'm sad to see it go, but all good things do come to end. It has been on the decline for several years now, especially since the other Celebration cinemas have been built. I went there as a kid and I never really knew anything else. Glad to just be part of it at its peak and several great years after!

Ha ha, revenge of the foodies. We've snuck food in before, I know we're terrible people. Now we just stay home and watch netflix, I rarely enjoy going to the movies anymore.

Just went to see new James Bond movie, 4 people $62.00.
I was shocked. We dont go often so I was very surprised to see ticket prices at $10 each. 2 soda's and 2 popcorns (we shared) made up the rest.
It will be a very long time til they see my money again.

I don't think that bad policies caused the closing, but rather, simple lack of business.

Given the depressed economic straits in which the American public now finds itself, the consumption of unnecessary things must inevitably decrease.

And in the end, this may be for the best, since the entertainment industry has nothing to offer anyway.

They are right about not much being offered at the movie theatre anymore. I am glad that I waited for the DVD version of the last 4 "big sellers" to come out. I would have been very disappointed spending $10 a ticket plus food cost. (Food expenses often exceed that of the tickets.) Thirty years ago, I worked concession, and it is sadly obvious, quality and quantity of the food, along with personal service have all suffered terribly.

I stopped buying food at the theater some time ago. Being a type 1 diabetic, my choices are slim to none there. I took my own if I thought I would want or need it (I use juice boxes for lows). But even the matinees are getting spendy, so our family rents instead.

Theatres lose money showing movies. Royalties paid to the studios (and ultimately to the stars) plus the basic operating costs of running the theatre more than eat up the cost of your movie ticket. They make money by selling 10 cents worth of soda or 5 cents worth of popcorn to you for 5 dollars.

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