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November 03, 2008


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Oh, good food for thought. It probably would not have occurred to me to cost-compare this "purchase," and it is a significant one. In fact, I am about to see a new dentist myself and will likely need a dental bridge (another significant expense!) redone in the near future, and it would likely be a good idea to compare those costs and dental practices as well.

Those of us who got braces in the old days only went through one phase. Plenty of us dinosaurs still have straight teeth. I am suspicious that the orthodontist industry has migrated to the two phase approach, with higher profits more of the motive than improved teeth positioning.

I've been out of braces for 15-20 years, mine back then cost as much as you are being quoted for your son. And my poor parents had no help from insurance, it was all out of pocket. My current employer pays 50% for orthodontics, a pretty good deal, but I don't have kids yet to take advantage of it.

where was new option #1 ???

Ashley --

What do you mean?

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