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November 30, 2008


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Sorry, people who believe in imaginary friends after the age of 5 need meds.

Did Ron get his millions back?

I'm in such bad financial shape that even bankruptcy wouldn't help me one bit.

I do agree that people are mostly negative even if something good happens to them. Life depends mostly not on events but on our attidute towards thois events...

This story sounds a little more like positive thinking than religious experience or God sized providence.

To the commenter who seems to being referring to God as an imaginary friend, thats a pretty lame and uncritical attempt at addressing the issue of God. I am sure statements of such triviality as that are very convincing when arguing your point of view.

This is the poorest post I've ever seen on FMF. Honestly, I'm embarrassed to read it. Please don't let this guy write for you anymore.

The theological vetting of Sunday post content is important. The first paragraph starts out promisingly, but by the end of the paragraph, God is a good luck token to one's financial goals. The following story about Ron supports this idea. Ron's discoveries and realizations have nothing to do with meeting God, turning from and repenting of sin, and going forth to live a life transformed by the power and grace of Jesus Christ. One of the outcomes of God's work in Ron's life could indeed be financial restoration. However, instead we see some generic self discoveries Ron has about finding out what the "important" things in life are, none of which seem to include serving the Lord.

Basically the post was set goals, have God as your cheerleader and you'll succeed. That ideology is simply not found in the Bible. Big thumbs down for this post.

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