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December 30, 2008


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I've attended a Tyson seminar and read a couple of his books over the years. He gives sound financial advice which is easily understood.

About his new site...It's hard to tell how much, if any, of the content is free. And why not just inform readers up front that you need to register and pay and how much you have to pay.

I hate sites that attempt to grab my information before telling me exactly what I'm getting or how much I'll have to pay. Seems sleazy. I'm surprised Tyson supports that on his site. How about a little "financial transparency"?

Amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Tyson's website offers clear and simple to understand advice to its readers, UNFORTUNATELY, the advice and opinions offered by Mr. Tyson sucks, for the most part anyway.

Eric Tyson's site maybe OK (if it stays free).

I would be unwilling to pay for Personal Finance info since I consider myself reasonably educated on the topic and don't think a paysite will help my cause any better. The one article presently up on his site that is only available to members that I may want to read is a comparison of ETFs with mutual funds (I wouldnt pay any money for it though).

I am sure it takes a lot of effort to denounce Jim Cramer's stock-picking abilities (with proof) and to show that Mr Roubini (who is he anyway)is no modern-day Nostradamus, but I would be totally unwilling to pay for such garbage.

Thanks FMF for your coverage of my new website. To clarify, everything on the site is free currently. A modest amount of the content requires registration to access. Happy New Year everyone!

- Eric Tyson

Rob --

Then you must hate it here at FMF since Eric and I see eye-to-eye on most things financial (control spending, save/invest as much as you can, etc.)

Or maybe you're referring to something specific you don't like?

@Rob - I haven't visited Eric's site yet, but his 'Personal Finance for Dummies' book is one of the better pieces of literature on personal finance that I've read. Great for beginners and intermediates.

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