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December 02, 2008


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Isn't it just awesome to live in a homeownerist culture where there are government bailouts and even a Homeownership Preservation Foundation?

Just a note on gift cards. We received a couple of Visa Gift Cards last Christmas, and we thought, "how cool, we're not stuck using them at any specific store and we can use them anywhere Visa is accepted (pretty much everywhere)" Wrong. Some places won't take them at all, and you have to be careful not to try to charge more than the balance or it won't be accepted. Therefore, you must know the exact balance at all times. It really was a pain trying to use them, and I wouldn't recommend them at all.

Just mentioning this (I know the post was just 'gift cards') because I was so disappointed in these when I had high hopes. We would've preferred something like a Target gift card where we spend hundreds each month anyway.

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