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December 08, 2008


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Oddly enough, the economic crisis has benefited me financially because of the low gas prices. I have relatively high job security (read: underpaid, overworked and essential ;-p), and my biggest expense was driving my Expedition 45 miles to and from night classes.

I'm putting the extra money I have into an account, and will probably be able to pay my 4th year of schooling with it, meaning I might very well be able to take a "year off" from work to do so. I really hope that pans out.

As Richard Maybury (political, economic and historical commentator) said, during depressions and recessions, true wealth doesn't completely disappear... a lot of it just shifts a little.

Well, I was just proved wrong. My wife and I each said what we thought the low gas price would be when they started going down....I said no way it would go under $1.50. Well, I just drove by a $1.49 sign this morning. At least it's one time I'm OK with being wrong.

Shaun shows exactly why the lower gas prices frighten me. I was hoping people would start becoming more conscious of their energy usage (@$4/gal)... but the lower prices are now condoning their behavior :(

Its ok... when prices go back up they will learn.


I am not sure if your comment was implying something wrong with my driving habits. If so, I am not interested in giving up a college education for the sake of --not-- impacting the environment. ;-)

I am actually one of the most frugal travelers I know, and don't go to town except for work and the occasional "hanging" time with friends, usually about once a month. I've been called a hermit, but I've been able to stay debt-free so far! :)

Shaun -

Continuing your education is great. That is definitely a plus (and congrats!)

I was referring to the fact that you drive around in a (most likely) unnecessary truck. And the implications are not just environmental.

And LOL @ the hermit comment... I have also been called that once or twice :p


I just discovered your blog today and I really like it.

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