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December 09, 2008


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I had a garage sale last weekend, got rid of some stuff, and made over $200- but I live in south Alabama, where it was in the 60s.

I'm also listing some things on Craig's List.

I normally get a seasonal job during the holidays, but I had a baby in September and he's just too little for it to work out for me.

Unpon realization that we could no longer fit anything into the freezer and that we've thrown out old stuff from the pantry recently, we decided to do staples only grocery shopping (basically just milk & eggs) until the freezer and pantry are cleared out.

The original intent was to declutter these already tight areas and prevent any more food waste (it does take a little creativity once you get down to the bottom), but we are nearing the end of a second week of $6 grocery bills instead of $100.

Well I did No 1, signed up with ebates and did most of my christmas shopping through them. Between sign up bonuses, shopping etc I have $43 coming. Great customer service too, they helped me with a sign up bonus problem. I should look at No 2, I have boxes and boxes of old books in the closet taking up space and gathering dust. I don't have any gadgets to sell but I did that post awhile back on where you can cash them in. Also I hate holding garage sales so I just box that stuff up and take it down to goodwill for the tax deduction. Takes less time and nets a decent write off.

I live in San Diego and noticed at least four garage/yard sales while driving around on Saturday. They were busy too.

for quick cash (some quicker than others), you could also make a dna deposit or a blood/plasma deposit.

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