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December 23, 2008


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A few days ago, someone called my wife and basically said:
"I heard your moving on and wanted to know your daily responsibilities."
I'll take this as a fairly reliable sign that she will be axed very soon.

These symptoms not withstanding (and they are true too), it has been my unfortunate experience to say that when the axe comes you'll probably never see it until it's on your neck. The boss may smile, shake your hand at the holiday party and say "Good job!" then 3 weeks later adios. Or may be your pal on Monday and hand you the pink slip on Thursday. The new reality.

Someone I know works for a Big Name which recently laid off a bunch of people. (That, in the context of recent events, should be sufficiently vague for obfuscation.)

She said there was a Morning of Doom (she didn't use quite those words) during which the employees awaited a dreaded tap on the shoulder and a box presentation (not to be confused with Boxing Day). The whole thing sounded eerie. She escaped the axe but nobody knew for whom the bell would toll next.

Does it really happen this way?

Where I work, the company has been bought out and the ENTIRE finance department is being let go.
It seems to be all about eliminating duplication these days.
Thankfully, they're getting nice packages, though.

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