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December 31, 2008


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I have also walked away from deals where the other side attempted to force me to negotiate against myself, e.g., car dealers and home sellers who would reject my offers without countering them. I simply will not put up with that tactic.

I have a great story about "walking away" power involving a bank and them not letting my wife cash a check. Long story short - You'd be amazed at what a bank manager will do when you ask for 20k cash on a payday Friday :0

The only thing to consider is will you be able to walk away? Talk is cheap.

This is so true. We are closing on our new (and first) home in less than two weeks. We are getting a fantastic deal and in big part to us choosing our price and telling the seller's that they either "take it or leave it" and that we'll walk away if they don't take it. Worked out perfectly for us and we couldn't be happier!!

I agree completely. If we are not in a position to walk away, then we start from a position of weakness.

The best we would be able to do is to make the best out of it.

Another thing you also need is time. Negotiating in a hurry is a very bad idea.


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