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December 09, 2008


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Hmm, I could have sworn the oldest and most effective way of saving money was not to buy anything.

But, again, I would be wrong.

Asking for a discount is a great idea. I'd also throw in two other simple methods: spend less, make more. I suggest to my clients who are just beginning to look at their spending patterns to take all their receipts from the last month and sort them into three piles. "Must have" which would include monies they have to spend, whether it's gas, mortgage note, school tuition. The second pile is "Maybe" which might include dinners out, the new curtains from Ikea, the movie rentals from Blockbuster. The last pile is "I Want my Money Back" which might be receipts from extravagant shopping sprees, or an entertainment purchase, something a little more frivolous. It's not a sure fire plan, but it gets them thinking before they spend, and moves them toward more fiscal responsibility.

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