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January 23, 2009


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I'm looking forward to those comparison results. I jumped into the Amex card on advice from a number of people, but I didn't realize the redemption rate was annually. I'm wondering if I shouldn't jump ship, since I like the idea of monthly affirmations from Schwab/Fidelity better...

Citi took care of me when a fraudulent charge was made on my card. They called me about an hour after it was made, and asked me about the charges for the day. Two were mine, one wasn't. I didn't owe a dime, and I wasn't paying for any stupid identity theft protection. I still can't figure out how it would've been different if I was paying $5 a month for that garbage "service."

Hey, I'm glad AMEX took care of you...and I'm glad you were able to use my tip you covered in this post:

You haven't heard about the largest security breach of card numbers in US history?


My experience with AMEX on card replacement, suspicious card use, and website access have always been excellent. AMEX has overnighted cards to me at no charge, eliminated suspicious charges and made website access very easy. Their customer service organization is also very good.

Glad to hear that CRU (Card Replacement Unit) took good care of you. As an employee of AmEx and cardmember myself, it's good to hear the praises.

There are many good reasons why AmEx has been rated #1 by J.D. Power the last two years:

I have a cool bank doing there job story. I actually don't know how they knew, so if anyone knows let me. The Mrs. & I belong to a Californian Credit Union. I was at store and tried to use this particular card and it was denied or something or another. Anyway, I called the Credit Union the next morning, after 11:00am Texas time, and asked if there was a problem, I knew I had money. They told me that there was some sort of an attempt on a ATM I had used. I was stunned, I didn't know they cared so much, and thanked them. They sent me a new card right a way. Just thought I share that.

Good news. I read that at least 45.7 million credit and debit card numbers were stolen by hackers.

David Wynn, how much time passed since you jumped into the Amex card? Will you change your decision?

Glad to hear that everything seems to have worked out with the stolen card. It's nice to hear about a company that actually does what they should.

Also, thanks for adding my site to your blogroll. I really appreciate it.

Isn't that their job to take care of their customers? The interest rates are high for a reason not to mention they get a percentage of every transaction. I would expect no less or I'd move to one of the billion other credit cards that would do that. Miss a few payments and see how nice they are. I've read a ton of stories where AMEX is one of the most aggressive companies in that area.

FYI... Fidelity is offering a card very similar to the Schwab one (2% cashback on everything). Unlike, the Schwab card, the Fidelity one is from American Express

I had a pretty good experience with AmEx. I also had good experience with my State Farm visa. I didn't have any unauthorized transactions, but in one case I needed a 3-year old receipt for my watch: it broke and it had 10 year warranty, but I couldn't find the original receipt. I called them and they found a receipt for me. They had to treat it as a questionable transaction and contact the merchant who sent them the copy of the receipt which they sent me. Another time they weren't sure I made the purchase made abroad. They called me and asked if I actually made the purchase.

" Miss a few payments and see how nice they are."
Would you be nice if someone you borrowed money to missed a few payments?

A typo. I meant "if someone you lent money to"

Kim --

I think that was on Visa and MC cards, not Amex.

I totally agree that AmEx is by far the best card in terms of "terms" (duh) and customer service. We have AmEx Blue Cash that we use for all our purchases and bills. Plus they are very good at resolving any questionable charges that you don't recognize. And it's FREE! No annual fees.

FMF - the security breach absolutely includes both AMEX and Discovery cards.

Kim --

Ok -- the first article you linked to only mentioned Visa and MC...

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