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January 21, 2009


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I'm not militant about what I put in my body, but I certainly wouldn't leave my diet directly to corporate marketers.

It's funny how people are afraid of germs from other people. What about your germs? You complain about the food? Please you are the fattest people in the world. Go beg at Costco you sorry gringos

Last time I was there a line of people for free cookie samples. C'mon people, bake your own cookies & you can have the whole package! You wait in line for a free cookie!??? They arent even giving you a whole cookie, just 1/4 of a whole cookie!

My boyfriend and I eat a meal of Costco samples approximately three times a week. We work within walking distance and do purposely use this as a money saving technique. I don't see anything wrong with it. We pay for an executive membership and part of that membership is sample offerings. We are always respectful of other shoppers and only double dip if a new sample lady arrives. It is not the most healthful meal but our financial situation is not very healthy either. You do what you got to do. I monitor our budget closely and I estimate we save $100 to $140 a month using this method at Costco. On the weekends we use the same technique at regular grocery stores, for example Whole Foods, Central Market and HEB, saving an additional $40 to $80 dollars a month. We do not live near a Publix but I hear they have excellent sample offerings.

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