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January 19, 2009


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I like this. The common theme is that these folks are very mindful of their financial lives. Just being mindful translates into living on purpose instead of by default. I like it.

Do the Frugal Millionaires have any advice for people earning minimum wage?

Are the initials at the beginning the initials of certain millionaires or certain types of millionaires?

Tarah --

I believe they are from specific millionaires.

You all have a few questions...and I wrote the book, so:

Yes, The Frugal Millionaires are all very mindful of their money. They know where it is and what it's doing for them. But they don't obsess over it (like looking at stock prices 10 times a day...that's the shortest distance to insanity that I know of!)

My advice for people earning minimum wage is to be more ambitious. Make a goal to only hold a minimum wage job for a set period of time. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh. I started my working life at 16 in a minimum wage job and got a hourly increase about two weeks later. That was the last I saw of minimum wages. You'll never create wealth on a minimum wage job alone. I sense that you don't have a money issue since you are on these blogs...maybe it's more of a motivational issue.

The initials are specific to the millonaires, although they could choose to jumble their initials if they wanted to...or simply make them up. If they didn't want to pick we gave them the AFM designation as FMF mentioned.


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