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January 28, 2009


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One advantage a regular storage company has over someone's house -- a stronger guarantee that your things won't be rifled through and some things mysteriously go "missing" while in storage.

Great idea. Awful name. I gather it's pronounced home-sty?

From their FAQ:
"Q: How do you pronounce Homstie?

A: It's pronounced Homs like Moms and tie like tee-shirt. Homstie."

Anyone know if they will accept listings in Missouri? I see California, NY, OH and MN in their listings but don't want to bother signing up for an account if they don't offer service for MO.

Great, all of the problems of storage with none of the insurance. What could go wrong!

I thought it was pronounced Home-sty as in a pigs sty. Yeh? Sounds appropriate if you are a sloppy dude from Venice Beach and need to clean up for a week while Mom and Pops are in town. I doubt anyone will take your dirty stank laundry or recycling. Hey can I store these multiple Beast Lite cans from the party the other night in your garage? The Dean is rolling by soon...

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