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January 02, 2009


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so... how do I sign up?

Mark --

Put your name in the "name" box and your email in the "email" box and hit "submit."

I don't see the sign up boxes on this page. Could they be hidden by adblock?

@Brenden: Bingo! I could see them when using IE. Thanks

Same for me. :)

Could be because the form part is Javascript (I believe).

Test drive! No spam please ;-)

signing up...

Sign me up too :)

Sign me up, please

All --

You need to fill out the boxes at the end of this post to get the newsletter. If you can't see them, email me and I'll add you.

AP and Chris, I'll sign you up. Look for a confirmation email.

already signed up for hte newsletter but want to be sure i'm entered in this drawing

Can you sign me up? I didn't get a confirmation email. Thanks.

Eric --

Just did. You should get one soon.


Put me in the drawing please.

I would LOVE to read this book.

Sign me up!

Sign me up!

sign me up

HOW DO I Sign Up for the Free Money Finance e-Newsletter?

Sonia --

Put your name and email in the blanks above and hit "submit."

Add me please FMF.

Matt --

You need to sign yourself up using the blanks above.


Must we subscribe to the email newsletter even though we subscribe to the RSS feed?

Love to be Fit --

You don't have to sign up for either of them, but the two are different. The RSS feed gets you articles posted on the site. The newsletter is a set of giveaways each month that gets emailed to you and tells you how to sign up to win.

Sign me up please.

I'll jump on the bandwagon....sign me up too! :)

All --

Just putting "sign me up" or something similar on this page will not get you on the list. You need to fill in the name and email info above, get a confirmation email, accept it and THEN you're on the list. I can not take comments and sign people up from them.

Wow, exclusive give-away notification - thanks, FMF!

They all sound good, thanks


I hope I win! The books sound great.


Would love to win that first book on networking.

Pick me!

I've had several of these book on my "must read" list so I'd love to win this set!

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Please subscribe me to your newsletter

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