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January 13, 2009


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If I were single w/ no kids, I would take this in a heartbeat.

I think the "snorkel the reef" part of the job is where the $105,000 is earned -- especially if the reef is teeming with Great White Sharks!

I've seen three news reports of this job offer today so clearly the Hamilton Island tourism board had a great idea with this promotion. Just hope the caretaker is careful with those sharks.

Steve Irwin would have made a perfect fit.

There are no Great Whites on the reef, they prefer colder water. There will also be no stingers from July to October. My husband used to lived on Hayman Island, which is right next to Hamilton (where the job is). Now if I can only convince him to apply for this job! :) I have a feeling they will choose an Australian.

I'm helping a friend of mine with his video submission. I'd be all over this job if I wasn't married.

People in comments seem to be think you have to be single to apply. I don't think they expect you to be on your own for six months. With that amount of money for six months I'm sure you could have a couple or family their. Don't let that stop you. go for it!!

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