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January 12, 2009


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I am suprised that giveaways wasn't higher up. Saving money is not a shocker at all - it's one of the top reasons I check your site out.


Does people here have an openion about where Economic crisis is ending?

Facebook seemed to be relatively free of abhorent sexual behavior used by some practitioners of social networks, including MySpace. However, that changed when an 18-year-old man from outside Milwaukee was charged with posing as a younger woman in order to solicit nude photos of his male classmates and then coercing them to perform sexual acts.
Full news:

Amid an escalating debate over just how kid-safe social-networking sites are, Texas authorities on Wednesday announced the arrest of a sex offender accused of using MySpace in violation of his parole. Jesse Clay Scott, 33, of Seguin, Texas, is just the latest of about 30 convicted sex offenders arrested to date by the Texas Attorney General's Fugitive and Cyber Crimes units for allegedly accessing MySpace in violation of parole conditions.

Hi guys.

Are there any good alternatives to rapidshare?
I mean sites where you don't have to wait or pay.
I only know isavethis.
What about hotfile? I heard they also pay.

Merry Christmas to all... and to all a good night.

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