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January 08, 2009


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These are simple yet effective tips to work toward buying a home the smart and informed way. I'm looking to buy a home this year and am saving every penny! I'll take all the help I can get.

You are correct that alot of people are hanging on to the prices of 2 years ago. Myself I have decided what I want for my home and if I get it that's great if not oh well then I will keep it until I get my price. Since it's paid for and my monthly costs are very low I can afford to set on it for as long as it takes. But I do not believe that the prices will continue to fall though because I am seeing them rise somewhat and I am right in the middle of the worst foreclosure area of California.

Definitely things to look out for. Foreclosures can be huge successes or the biggest pain in your ass imaginable.

Great advice. We're looking into getting a home this year. We almost need one anyway so the current market will hopefully make it easier for us. We need to get out and check out the areas we're looking at to get a better idea of what's there and what people are asking.

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