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February 14, 2009


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I'm glad you included a patriotic book. I think patriotism is undervalued right now in America, except maybe in country music.

How about

The American Patriot's Almanac: Daily Readings on America sounds interesting. Strangely enough, I just created a list of all of the books I have in my "to read" list this morning. I love to read. Finding the time to read is difficult...

Good suggestions. I'm reading "No More Monday's" by Dan Miller right now, it's given me a lot of 'food for thought' about turning my part-time small business into a full-time small business. I also have "a whole new mind" on my reading list..that should be good!

I'm currently reading "Little Pink House" by Jeff Benedict, about Kelo vs. New London, CT, a very ill-advised supreme court decision on eminent domain.

I just finished Sashenka by Simon Montefiore, an historical novel that brings to life what a horrible place Russia was to live in the 20th century.

Before that I read Liar's Poker by Micheal Lewis, a book that gives great insight into how credit default swaps and the entire secondary mortgage market came to be.

I recommend all of these books as a way to gain historical perspective and a better understanding of the role of government to either help or hurt.

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