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February 20, 2009


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Best of luck in the tournament!

About 4 or 5 years ago my wife and I went to see Dave when he was in Birmingham, Alabama. We were doing his "Baby Steps" (and still are) and decided that if we were going to see him we'd splurge for the big tickets. We could not have been more pleased. Before the seminar, there was a nice dinner served and everyone had a big bag in their seat. It was full, and I mean full, of items. Pens, badge lanyards, a CD, 4 or 5 books of his and other small items I can't even remember. The extra books allowed us to give them away to family members. Some we had never read and we were able to do so and then give those away. Dave personally said hello to each person there. Asked where we were from, etc. He seemed genuine, too. While we ate, he did a 20-30 minute Q&A. Anything you wanted to ask. When "show time" came, we were ushered down front. At the intermission, we were taken back to the same room and given light snacks and drinks. Then, we were ushered back for the second half. Sure, what he said in the seminar was in his books. But to see him live and get that extra boost to continue was worth every penny.

As a Certified Dave Ramsey counselor I had an opportunity to meet him a little while back. He spoke to the entire group a couple of times and took time to speak to anyone and everyone that spoke to him. Very genuine and the people who work for him love what they are doing.

As a father, I am proud that you did the right thing. I am sure that before the year is over DR will come and see you. And you heard it here first!

Best regards

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