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February 12, 2009


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I have an aunt that makes some weird type of homemade candles and sells them on eBay. Her selling price is about 15x her cost of goods. Insane what people will buy these days.

I enjoy you post because i have been out work for a
while and i have being thinking about making a product
selling something someone needs but i need an idea to stick with ,i look forward to more money ideas

I have inventions that I've been wanting to bring to market for years, but I don't have the organizational skills to run a company (I've tried). So how do you bring a product to market without going into business for yourself or getting scammed by one of those 800 number companies that advertise at midnight?

I've tried finding books on this subject, searched the internet, and even asked the question on Yahoo Answers. If anyone could give me the name of a book or a website, I'd be very grateful.

Tarah --

How about finding a business partner that can handle the business/admin side of things?

Sounds like a great idea. I'll have to find someone I can trust who's savvy in business. That might take a while, but a lot less time than finding information on marketing ideas to existing companies.

I created my own product; it's an audio CD of an interview that I did with a teammate of mine. He took 15 years off from running, came back in his mid-late 40s, and wanted to be the fastest 50 year old in the state by the time he turned 50. He is now only about 1 minute slower than he was 20 years ago and is one of the best senior cross country runners in the country.

I produced it for my newsletter (about running, obviously) and then found a service that cheaply prints and ships the CDs on demand. It's been selling moderately well despite my lack of promoting it so far.

Yeah I have a great idea I want to sell. Now, I'm thinking online but primarily on television. I have marketing skills, I can handle alone the business side of things. Where do I start to get my product out there?

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