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February 26, 2009


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Fruits could work indeed.

But generally speaking, not vegetables. I used to have a vegetable garden, as a hobby. Although I have never tried to calculate my hourly wage ($ vegetables / hours worked), it must have been way below minimum wage. Alright, the garden was organic, so I spent significant time weeding, but even with pesticides there's plenty of work to do.
I know quite a few people who actually lose money on growing vegetables because their harvest doesn't cover their seed, fertilizer, and other costs.

I have a small vegetable garden but I don't produce enough to sell. I have traded with friends/co-workers for items I didn't grow. We do have several pomegranate trees on our property, the birds tend to get them before we do. I was thinking I should net the trees this year to save the fruit and find a buyer. Poms are expensive in the store.

NJ will soon become the 14th state which allows medicinal use of marijuana after the bill passed the state Senate. The Governor will sign the bill if it passes the Assembly. I better pick up some Miracle Gro.

Good points, but important to remember that you won't get rich this way. As a very small-scale backyard beekeeper, honey sales barely cover my costs (but the quality of the honey is out of this world, so I think it's worth it. And I spend almost nothing other than beekeeping costs for holiday gifts. :)

Just an interesting little fact...the world's bee population is dwindling. It's a mystery where the bees are going. My boss, as a side business, invested $25,000 in bees. They did wonderful until about 2 years ago. They've lost over half their bees.

Google it...

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