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February 18, 2009


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I house sat for a whole year during college for a professor who was teaching abroad. Not only did I get to live in a really nice house -- i got to do it for free. The professor picked up all the expenses but didn't pay me anything additional.

I didn't, but a friend of mine did it years ago. He didn't actually make money, but he saved a lot on rent. He just got his first job after getting a PhD, but the area was super-expensive. In exchange for taking care of a house and one cat, he got to live there for a year for free, 5 minutes away from his job.

Right now I am more curious about the other side of this i.e. hiring someone to house sit. How do people who do it ensure that someone they hire is trustworthy?

I have found housesitting assignments at for many years now! Jane


Are you able to find enough work to keep busy or do you need to have your own living arrangements between jobs?


I only take long term housesitting assignments at so that way - I have very little down time between assignments.


Are There Any House Sitting Sites For People Who Want To Be A House Sitter, That Don't Charge The House Sitter A Fee At All To Contact The Home Owner?

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