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February 10, 2009


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My wife makes clothing and accessories and sells them on It's like eBay, but for people specifically for people who make things. People there have gone a step beyond making it themselves and started mass producing items and selling them on their own site.

I sew, quilt, knit, and crochet, but I don't really have the inclination to do it for money. It's really hard to get sufficient money to compensate for the hours spent on a hand made item unless it's something very quick and simple. It then typically turns into mass production of the same old thing, which is enough to make me stick a knitting needle in my eye. :)

While I don't go out to make money with my crafty skills, I do sometimes save myself money by using them for gifts and barter. I also accept the occasional (small) commission from a friend or acquaintance, in which case I have them pay for the cost of materials plus a somewhat equal amount of stuff for myself. (ie, if their project requires two skeins of sock yarn, I get two skeins of sock yarn for myself)

I used to make and sell jewelry on the side but it cost me more in time and materials than I took in. It's easy to get out of control buying supplies and unless you have a lot of time and energy to market yourself, you'll never sell much. I started to resent my hobby and wisely stopped. I still have all the materials sitting around and I might finish up some pieces to list on etsy. Once it's gone, I'm done.

That PVC bow and arrow sounds like a fantastic way to get sued.

I wish I had more hobbies, especially ones that can yield a little extra income. I really don't think people need their couch cushion tested while determining the proper angle of their wall mounted LCD.

I bake and sell bread at our Farmers Market. Great little income booster.

I am starting to mass produce my corn heating pads and will be taking them to the flea market starting this week. You have a lot of older folks going to the flea market, so I think the heating pads will sell well, especially in the winter, you could warm them up and demonstrate how toasty they can me.

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