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February 28, 2009


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I just want more money at the end than I put in over the years.

This is some very down-to-earth advice on the process of picking an investment advisor, and also the reasonable practice of shifting some responsibilities back to the individual investors themselves.

The issue at hand right now is how we can re-establish trust between investors and Main Street investment advisers, as well as Main Street clients with Wall Street advisers. There have been considerable incompetence, negligence, if not outright deceit that have seriously damaged some relationships. The wisdom and commonly accepted ideas of portfolio management, diversification, and various other models that dictated certain trading/investment behaviours may also need to be adjusted to accommodate (seemingly) greater market fluctuations going forward.

Yes, it comes down to realizing that you shouldn't hire a money manager to "beat the market", you should hire a financial advisor or financial planner to help you with your retirement, estate or simply savings goals.

I have less than what I invested myself 15 yrs. ago. I have been in the mkt. 30 yrs. My "financial adviser" treated me like a 30 yr. old with a 6 figure salary. He knew I was 55 and barely well enough to work and would not listen to my needs - that was 5 yrs. ago. Yes, I was stupid not to listen to my own thoughts - I have nothing left.

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