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February 15, 2009


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Always thought it weird that this argument even comes up.

I trust in God for my provision and also go to work to make money to provide for myself and my family. My going to work to earn money is not a transfer of my confidence from God to a salary. If I don't have work or lose my insurance, I trust God will be there for me and my family, but it seems irresponsible to my family to not even try to find work or buy insurance. The life insurance payout, no matter how big it is, couldn't be a substitute for faith in God's provision, as money could never take care of my family's most important need, just as a big salary never replaces my need for what God gives me.

Whether or not you need life insurance has nothing to do with your religion, Christianity or otherwise. I guess some people need an excuse to quote bible verses.

A great topic.

I believe that G-d does for us what we can't do for ourselves - not what we won't do for ourselves. I believe that it is our responsibility to care for those who rely on us.

Yep, buy term and invest the rest. Right on.

The bible also speaks about a man that does not provide for his family is worse than an unbeliever. I see life insurance as a way of provided for the family in the event one is not around to do so.

ummmmm...Big Ben,

On Sunday, there is typically a Christian topic on this website.

I knew a family who didn't have health insurance because they believed that God would take care of them. They had 6 children, lived in a 2 bedroom apartment, and leased a car for 650 a month... As you can see they were not the best with money overall. Its important to have faith but you should also be responsible.

Interesting topic indeed! I certainly agree with your 4 points - especially the last point about buying the right kind of life insurance.

Not only does the Bible tell us to take care of our family, but it also says that we should consider the ant. The ant is busy preparing for the future, that includes preparing for unexpected events. How do you prepare for the unexpected? You have insurance in place.

There is a big difference in making the most of God's resources and worshiping money. There is also a big difference in realizing that and being open to the fact that God may be providing you the opportunity to have life insurance versus idolizing the life insurance as your protector.

I thought that, in the Old Testament, it says that G-d takes care of those that take care of themselves. Meaning that it is blasphemous to expect G-d to do everything for everyone, and we see this practiced over and over.

Jimmy --

It does not say that anywhere in the Bible, but that saying has become so associated with "being in the Bible" that many people believe it to be the case. That said, there are numerous Proverbs about the "diligent" and the "lazy" that essentially carry the same sentiment.

Jimmy --

Did a quick search: Ben Franklin said "God helps those who help themselves."

Interesting points.
Finally purchased term life after not having anything (I'm almost 40)

Term life insurance is a wonderful short term band-aid, but a horrible long term strategy. Term is only a financial tool if you die early, otherwise it becomes a waste of money.

I believe God wants us to live a life of wealth and abundance. That can never be accomplished by buying something that is designed to expire so you can gamble on unstable markets, pay compounding fees, costs and taxes on the "investment," then leave no safety net for your spouse, children or grandchildren. This is a plan built on sinking sand.

I have proudly sold life insurance for over 26 years - and for over 26 years I have listened to people claim how great it is to buy term and invest the difference (and what a "rip-off" whole life is), then they go out and LOSE MONEY, run out of insurance, and make a lot of excuses to their family.

Its much better to build a plan on the solid rock of whole life insurance. Build a floor of guarantees first, THEN invest on top of that. I work with people to use life insurance as a REAL financial tool that creates more spendable wealth for retirement - with lower cost, lower tax, and a LOT less risk.

That's how life insurance is supposed to work. I think God is pleased with that.

To piggy-back on what MTR said, too many people think term insurance is the only way to go, but once the term is over, there's nothing left. The sooner one buys a life insurance policy, the lower the rate, but unlike term, whole life will always cost the same. Whole life always pays for final expenses, so your family doesn't have to shoulder the financial burden for those arrangements.

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