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March 12, 2009


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I personally love the Schwab 2% Visa. I don't have to worry about what category a purchase might fall in or which card to use for a certain purchase. Also as you can see your largest category is "Everywhere else charges" and getting 2% on that is nice!

Also getting the cash back every month instead of once a year is even better!

I use Schwab 2% card for most things and PenFed Visa for Gas.

Looks like your making out good with the AMEX card.

Is there an annual fee?

Matt --


Schwab would have awarded you about $5 more and you wouldn't have to keep track of separate categories. And you get the rewards each month, so you could move the money into an interest bearing account right away.

Of course, the Schwab card wasn't available until recently. And of course.....I heard about the Schwab card from this site!

We got $295 for our AMEX cash back.

My YTD spend on my AmEx Blue is $22,960 for a current cashback of $351.40... approx 1.53% thus far. Anniversary date is actually July 2009, so still have a bit more to go.

Was wondering what your total cashback rate is, when you include the hybrid strategy (I guess due to timing cycles, perhaps it's not sync'ed completely) but just want to see how much better you are doing by having 2 cards.

Ray --

Combined rate is in the 2.2% range, though it's hard to compare since time frames are out of whack between the two cards.

That's a lot of chargers... What is that all spent on? Like not just food/gas/essentials I would imagine?

Is there any reason why people choose the amex gold over the blue cash? Is it simply the prestige?


I'll easily charge over 20k this year. And I'm comfortable stating every penny would have been spent anyway, so I may as well put it on the rewards card.

I signed up for a Schwab 2% Visa with a Schwab One Account after reading about it here at FMF, thank you very much. Even better than you mentioned in your post about the Schwab 2% Visa, Schwab apparently no longer requires the $1,000 minimum for the the Schwab One Account, which I never did fund. My first Visa rebate just posted to my Schwab One Account, so its balance is no longer zero. I also have a Chase Cash Plus Rewards Visa, similar to Chase Freedom, which pays me a 3% rebate on gas stations, grocery stores, and drug stores. It used to be 5%, but they cut it back to 3% a few months back, boo hoo.

It looks like Wells Fargo Cash Back Visa just dropped its tiered rate. I've had this card for over 7 years. Now they offer a full 1% for every dollar from the beginning of each statement period, rather than the old method of paying .25%, .50%, etc., until you reach $450 in purchases.

Yeah, I know it's nothing like Blue or Schwab, but at least it's a trend in the right direction.

Also, my mom's Suntrust Visa Rewards is now giving up to 1% cash back for every dollar spent, but you have to wait until you reach $5000 before you get a $50 statement credit. There are some really good deals for merchandise, travel, etc., that work out to values greater than 1 point per dollar spent.

I use the Citibank cashback card and I got $250 back last year.
Much better than airmiles!

That's a good $400 dollars. Not bad at all.

What was your percentage of regular spending vs. bonus spending on the card? Right now I'm pacing 22% on the bonus spending which is nice.

You did well on your cash back and I look forward to reading your comparisons when you get around to it.

We just got our Amex in Nov and our rebate in Feb was $194.59 or 1.53%. Can't wait till next year because I'm expecting a $750+ rebate. Nice!

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