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March 01, 2009


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I agree with the sentiment that people in the developed world should be very content with what we have. Moreover, I think we should all endeavor to be a little bit more frugal.

However, I don't think you need to do them because you hope to get into heaven. Giving to the poor, living a frugal life etc. Are their own reward. Doing it only because you want to get into heaven strikes me as being a rather selfish reason.


It's not about doing those things because you want to get into heaven. Christians are called to follow Jesus Christ and obey His teaching. It's not about us doing something to get into heaven. It's about obeying Jesus because of the gift of salvation that He's already given us. We do those things out of love for God and other people (or should be) - not because of some obligation, requirement, or deal to get into heaven.

The current economy sure shows that wealth can disappear. But that's nothing new under the sun. The story of Joseph storing grain in for famine shows that listening to God not only fulfils a purpose, it transferred wealth to Egypt. Who would have thought of storing grain when there was plentiful, right?

While I totally agree that contentment is key, I think it quite difficult for a person who follows the ways of the world to BE contented. That was certainly the case for me until I became a Christian & follow what the Bible says. Even then, it has been a journey of over a decade for me to let go of what I thought was important i.e. expensive cars, nice toys, bigger houses, etc to work earlier held beliefs & attitudes towards wealth, money, stuff out of my system.

All said & done, what the bible teaches about life & money is truly accurate, no matter what the present "gurus" try to spin their message.

Excellent Post, very insightful! Nice before church reading :)

Thanks Ed and Josh! Ed, you hit my point exactly when you said it's hard for a person who follows the ways of the world to be content. You first have to accept Jesus and then focus on Him to gain God's contentment. The articles I've written on contentment are geared toward Christians, but they could show a non-Christian what can happen when you accept Christ and let God renew your mind. A life that's fully submitted to God is very different in both appearance and experience.

this was a good post, thanks!

Thank you for this post. I am embarrassed to say that this post is speaking to me. I have been struggling with this, and I needed to read this.

Thanks, Anna!

James, I'm glad it spoke to you. I hope you'll download the free ebook and give it a read if you'd like to learn more about contentment in the Bible!!!

I could not agree more. I need if everyone lived as a minimalist we would all be happy. Instead of trying to fill that void with material that is temporary satisfaction we can endure for an everlasting satisfaction of loving god and him loving us. I struggle with this as I think of my daughter's future and what I can and can not give to her as far as money (i.e. vacations, music lessons, a good school, neighborhood) because it does play a part in how she will become. I guess I just don't want her to miss opportunities, but the real opportunity is to know God.

That was a very moving and compelling post. I could feel the passion and conviction in your words. I just wanted to encourage you to keep writing. You're a very talented. Thank you.

I'm a little weary about posting this. I don't want to discourage anyone. When I was 29 years old Jesus found me (obviously, I didn't find Him... He wasn't lost).I fell completely in love with Him. I got involved in everything I possibly could..fundraisers, knocking on doors,donating a freezer to the church & stocking it for Thanksgiving dinners for those who would otherwise do without. I absolutely loved going to revivals. my life before this consisted of drugs, name it...I did it. My two children & my husband joined me. We had all received the gift of the Holy Ghost & I made Jesus my best friend spending at least 3 to 4 hours a day praying to Him. It was amazing...only I knew just how many of those prayers He answered. I believe He will continue to do so because I believe that prayers never die...they just keep circling in Heaven until it's His time to answer. That's a great thing because at this time my entire family is backslid. We started to go to a small church in Baltimore, but it's 45 minutes away. I wish I could somehow live there as I know I would get back to where I need to be. We had even taken my 3 grandchildren for a short time and my 6 yr. old granddaughter received the Holy Ghost. She constantly asks if we can go back. Now, to get to the horrible story that caused us to backslide in the firstplace. My 2 sons were molested when they were 7 & 10 in the church by a 15 yr. old. I was going to press charges, but I think it hurt so bad I couldn't even talk about it. My family was then asked to leave our church because of this matter & the fact I was having such a hard time getting over it. NO! I do not blame God for this, but the pastor did know this was happening in the church. It happened to seven different young boys. I felt he should have talked to this child's mother & let her know he shouldn't be hanging out with younger boys in the church. But throw my family out of the only church we knew....we were innocent. I know God forgives the just & the unjust. To take this the worst step forward I spent many years trying to get over this until I decided to take my own life. Well, yes by the Grace of God I lived. No, money isn't everything...all I ever want is my relationship back with God. But I do wish I had the money to start over in Baltimore. Even my employer treats me differently now. I don't think God cares so much about the condition I'm in.....but the direction I'm heading for. Please pray for me & my family.

I can remember being so caught up in many things from the time I was a little kid. Living in a dysfunctional family destined me for a very miserable path. Although GOD is mostly responsible for giving me the chance to get on a better path, I picked up the realization of the evils of society before ever finding GOD. Sacrificing one's own life for a purpose other than their own is the only way to live. Try to separate yourself from the ways of society. It might mean being made fun of. But it's the right thing to do.

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