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March 10, 2009


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Fidelity and vanguard never cease to amaze me with their fine customer service. I don't have as much exp with fidelity, but I hear great thing about them all the time. By the same token Vanguard has always provided quick (and American) customer service. Of course I would only consider them if thy offered low fees, which as we all know they do.

With options like these companies I find it hard to understand exactly why anyone would invest elsewhere.

As Ben Franklin said, "Watch the nickels and the dollars take care of themselves"


I don't have much experience with Vanguard but I hear nice things about them. Fidelity has been amazingly patient with me every time I have called. As someone who was initial very nervous about dealing with this stuff, they have taken the time to educate and assist me.

The reason for investing elsewhere is that many workplaces offer 401(k)s through companies other than these two. Many people unfortunately don't have a choice.

I'll have to look into this one. Not too knowledgeable on the Wilshire though. .10% is great.

Have had great experiences with Fidelity as my employee stock purchase program affiliate. Have been considering moving all my taxable accounts over to them since things have been going so well.

I have my RothIRA with Vanguard. Very good customer service so far. They treat even the smaller investors well.

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