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March 01, 2009


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I did not know that this site was here.

I love to read!

Well - I can't figure out where to post this - but I won a free Roast Burger from Arby's from you! I used the card the other day for their Blue Cheese Roast Burger and it was WONDERFUL!
Thanks for making this available and thanks for drawing my name!

I love all your financial advice - you have helped my family alot!


Sandra --

Good for you! Glad you liked it.

FYI, you can always send me an email:

Beautiful...would love this "Budgeteer".........have always enjoyed these commentaries and financial tips

I find your blog very inspiring.

Ive been very curious about YNAB. I am a Mint user, and have tried quicken.


pick me please

Finally slowed down enough to start reading the newsletter. Thanks, some great articles!

Free Money, count me in.

I've picked up some excellent money tips by reading FMF -THANK YOU

A safe would be great! Thanks for the opportunity!

I heard so much about using Quicken. I would like to try one myself. Thanks in advance!

Thank you for the opportunity!

SOund Great

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