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March 23, 2009


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Your "pat" answer to #2 can work against you. Depending how long you were at a former position, how does the new employer know you won't leave them too in a couple of months/years if you get bored? Or even worse, you can appear to be a restless person.

MasterPo --

Every company thinks they have an endless supply of projects/jobs to keep people challenged, so the answer is never a problem. Besides, most companies want to hire an aggressive, performance-driven person.

I hate the first question .. strengths/weaknesses.
When I hear it, I internally cringe.
It tells me the interviewer is fairly new or doesn't know what they're doing.
I usually take a weakness and try to turn it into a strength.
The best interviewers will just start a normal conversation and let the interviewee do most of the talking.

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