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March 26, 2009


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This is sad. Too many people impulse buy their pets without thinking about long-term costs and responsibilities.

Baker -- They also don't look at the long-term benefits, many times!

I have a care credit account, I used it to pay for 2 surgeries in the last few months for 2 of my dogs. I have the money to pay for them but they offer 0% financing so I took advantage of it. It could help some owners, but you will still have to repay the money at some point. A lot of rescues are getting more owner surrendered animals because they can't afford vet care. Sadly some owners think they can get their pet back after the rescue has forked over thousands of dollars to fix up Fluffy or Fido. If you can't pay for vet care, you cant afford a pet.

I think it's pretty judgmental to make assumptions that people aren't thinking about the long term consequences of having a pet. Have you been reading? We're in a recession. People are giving up their CHILDREN, just because you don't read about it doesn't mean it's not happening. There are some who do think about the long term costs of having a pet but have come on hard times. They are losing jobs and running through their savings and unemployment checks. What do they do then? Are you knocking on their doors to see how you can help or are you just sitting back making assumptions about their decisions before knowing their individual situations?

Think before you make crass judgments about the decisions they are making.

I have a few pets and am looking for ways to cut some of the costs (while keeping the same care quality). Does anyone have good suggestions on this.

I know how things have been in every house during recession but please don't say you can't bear your pets anymore, i really don't think it's humanity!

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