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March 27, 2009


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This becomes utterly obvious when your company goes from 100% coverage to making you pay for half of your benefits. This happened to me at the beginning of the year and seeing that extra come out of my paycheck to go towards benefits really illustrates the point you are making here.

You might want to point out that these numbers are based off a national average salary ($20/hr or $42,000/year). The 11% health insurance isn't true if you are pulling in $25,000 or $80,000. Same with the stuff like gym memberships, bus passes, snacks, etc.

Also, I consider "travel time" to work a benefit too. I have factored in travel time to and from work to help me figure out how much money I was pulling in per hour. It helped me decide that driving an hour to a job that paid more actually pulled in less money per hour than a job I could walk to in 15 minutes.

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