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March 11, 2009


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From someone that used TaxCut this year and that does have an internet connection, it worked fine. Load the software, automatically updates, answer the questions, download state information (again automatic once I selected the state) and it then e-filed and printed out the forms that I needed to still mail in manually.

Very easy.

I have used TaxCut for the last 6 years and never had any issues. I still have dial up (so I can't be that tech savvy, right) and it always worked fine for me downloading the updates. Sure it takes a while, a half hour or hour at most, but just walk away from the computer and do something else. And you refer in doing your 2008 and 2009 taxes but here in March 2009, you really mean to say your 2007 and 2008 taxes.

Tax Cut user since 1999. Prior to that Turbo Tax from 1991-1998. Turbo Tax was less user friendly. I re-tried Turbo Tax last year and was very dissapointed. As far as updating goes, that is optional. Call customer service first, ask them is you have the latest version and, if there are no updates needed, most of the problems you refered to would not be an issue. Regarding your comments about downloading a state vs getting it on CD, I dont think anyone sells a CD that is state specific. They all require a download. Turbo tax used to, but for 2008 it is downloand only, so the download issue isn't specific to Tax Cut alone. Tax Cut is a consumer version of the professional sofware used at H & R Block offices. It is accurate, has excellent tutorials, and in functionality is no different than the other available interview based programs. If online is a problem count out any web based app.

Tax cut is very easy to use. I changed computers I used Tax Cut with from an aging laptop to a new desktop and just carried the old files with me on a USB flash drive. I transferred the '07 file to new computer. Tax cut had no problem finding those files and away I went. I feel that criticizing a software package for requiring web based updates is irrelevant, and does not detract from the utility or quality of the program.

A few points:

1. It would have been a whole lot easier to just copy the .T07 file over to the computer with internet access and installed the new program there. We bought a new laptop this year and that's what I did.

2. State CDs have gone the way of the dinosaur.

3. I've used both TT and TC (TC for the last 6 or 7 years) and I much prefer TaxCut.

4. Copy the .T08 file (and the .pdf file of the full return) and all other information that you might have (I use quicken, so there is a lot from there, including exported excel files) to a CD and put it away with your return. In case your computer ever blows up, it's nice to have a backup of all that info.

5. This was the first year I did efiling. WOW, highly recommended. It took minutes, gave a confirmation number and status updates. I had our state refund in 3 days and the federal one in 2 weeks. Plus, we didn't have to send in a single paper to either state or fed.

I bought TaxCut for the first time this year after using TurboTax for many years. I only did it because TT got the bright idea that you could only print ONE return, and would have to pay another $10 to do a second one. (I do my daughter's very simple return.) TT has now backed down on this by the way.

TC was fine for the simple return. Imported TT data from last year, and everything worked fine.

Went to do mine (which includes foreign income from 2 countries, AMT, investments, and stock options) TC claims they bring in TT info from last year, but didn't bring it all. After retyping A LOT, I found the handling of stock transactions so poor that I went out and bought Turbo again.

Maybe it's just personal preference after all these years, but even after they annoyed me so much that they lost me as a customer, I ended up back with Turbo. I found their interview clearer, and much preferred their way of showing me forms and allowing me to modify data when I needed to.

In both cases, I used their Premier packages.

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