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March 19, 2009


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That sounds like a really fun game. The problem will be no one will play me because they'll assume I have a leg-up on the competition with my knowledge base. Let me know how easy it is for non-finance types to pick up on it. Looking forward to your follow-up.

I remember another board game that I thought was ridiculously expensive and came out during the '82 recession, but it did quite well. Of course, I think the simplicity of Trivial Pursuit (simplicity, not ease) led to its broad popularity, but this sounds like a hit for the readers of this blog and a good teaching tool!

Sounds fun... but if there's one thing I've learned. It's never trust anyone from Philly

This reminds me of the costly game that is Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow or something like that. Last I heard the first version also cost about $200, and the second version is even more!

I play all sorts of board games (from Avalon Hill, WOC, Fantasy Flight, Rio Grande Games, etc) and I can see some board/war/simulation games costing more than $50 just with production costs involved. However, Kiyosaki's game and this one are not in that category. My girlfriend's brother bought Kiyosaki's game for over a hundred, which really shocked me. I thought to myself that he could of gotten several great PF books and come out ahead reading those.

Seems to me this game is aimed at the same suckers who go to the seminars and buy the workbooks, except maybe poorer. The most expensive computer games, representing thousands of hours of sophisticated labor, don't retail for more than $50.

$99 is too much for a board game. I don't think I'd spend over $20, especially since there are plenty of cheaper options out there.

I was just going to mention that Guy Kiyosaki had gone the same route w/a board game and seemed to do pretty well with it.

I would like to win a free game.


Board games are great

Board games rock. I would love to win this game and build upon my burgeoning collection.

It sounds like a good way to learn real estate. I'd love to try it!

This sounds fun! I might have a hard time getting my family to join in - after I womp them the first time!

If you want to play a free financial sim game, try

"You are the CEO of a financial institution with fifty million dollar in deposits to invest. But the bubble has burst, property prices are cratering and borrowers are defaulting out at a rapidly increasing rate!" Uh-oh!

Thanks for the contest!

I hope I win - this game looks neat.

If I play this game do I have to get Donald Trumps "haircut" or are there other designs that I can choose from?

The price is right when it's free.

Thanks for the opportunity!

I'd like one, thanks

A free one is better than to to pay for one.

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