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March 29, 2009


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Very applicable to today's times. The people that saved up money during the boom years are in a position to take advantage of the opportunities of a down market, making themselves more wealthy in the long run.

It's always hear and study history to get a sense of how to deal with the present. I appreciate you taking Sundays to talk about The Bible and Money. We can learn a lot from these type of posts!

This story is why I often say, "The last time any government made an intelligent economic decision, it was such a historic moment that they recorded it in the Bible!"

Saving money and cautious spending have never gone out of style with most people. Only the ones in the commercials who will only be happy after they purchase just get this one thing. Happiness and peace of mind come from within...always have and always will.

GMSC, that was a good one! I've mentioned that story to my sons whenever they received money for birthdays, communions, etc. We make sure that they put some money away instead of blowing it all on the newest video game or gadget. Thanks for the post.

The problem for me is not necessarily developing a surplus but recognizing when there is surplus surplus (i.e., I am hoarding more than I need and not giving generously). Any suggestions for finding that line and not crossing it?

Very basic, sound advice. Of course, I knew of the concept but did not practice it early on. Now I am drilling the information into my three children. Hopefully, they will be more secure financially in their middle age than I am. Thanks.

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