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March 03, 2009


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I'm trying to have my fiance take over the budgeting duties so I'm trying to simplify my system. I've looked into both of these and there are issues with both that I can't get over.

YNAB - Need to manually import transactions. I don't have time for that. Also the can't go negative in the envelopes does not seem normal. I don't want to switch around my budget monthly.

Mvelopes - Been trying for 2 days to connect to my ING and just times out. Not very obvious user friendly interface.

Anyone know of software that has the following?
- Automatically pulls transactions (and doesnt' freeze up!)
- Uses envelope system where you can go negative
- User friendly interface, colors
- Customizable daily or weekly emails with updates, or limit status on envelopes.

If only I was a software designer!

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