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March 10, 2009


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I would like to try the Quicken. Thank you!!

I would love one! My 2006 version is about to lose online access.

sign me up, please

Yay for Quicken!

free quicken!

Hope I win!


Sounds like a winner. Count me in! :) Thank you.

Is it the 2009 version?

Thanks for offering the giveaway!

Always wanted to try quicken!

Insert random comment

I'm in! I could really use a new version of Quicken.

Quicken is quick, quiet, quintessentially quaestorial, and quantifies quality. Quicken quashes and quells quarrelsome quiters, qosting but a few quid. It is the queen of quickstepping quid pro quos.

Will I ever win these giveaways? I am an avid reader!

pick me .. pls

I would like to try the Quicken. Thank you!!
Maybe it would replace my 2003 ms money.

Free quicken, My husband would love it. thanks (maybe)

Would like to try quicken.

Worth a try...

I would love to try it! Maybe this will help my husband get more involved. :)

Is this Mac compatible? Not that it matters! I would still take it if I won!

Quick Quicken

I was going to buy it, but I'll wait till the contest is over now. :)


I'm always up for a contest. I gotta win some time, don't I? LOL

Quicken Deluxe is something wothwhile to try.

yes please

I like the version of Quicken I have, but it'd be nice to have a newer version... :)

I want to hear the words........ and the winner is!!!!james r..please I need this really bad.thanks

I need quicken

Thanks for offering a free copy of Quicken!

Great contest!

Yes, please count me in....thanks

Sounds great... that's for the chance.

I want it!

Pick me, pick me!

I really would like to quicken. All ive ever used before is money.

Count me in! Thanks!

Am I the lucky one?! Thanks...

I'd love a new quicken update :)

I will like a quicket update.

Hope I win! Thanks...

I also would love to win a copy of Quicken!

Neat, I'm in! I've never used it, but have always wanted to check it out.

I can use one. Thanks

Let's give it a try!

I'd try it if I got it...

I never win. But then I never stop trying :)

You can't win if you don't play...

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