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March 16, 2009


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My family could really use the entertainment book!

Sounds good!

Same here!


Not quite first post, but pretty close.

Add me to the list!

2nd time is (hopefully) a charm.

bring on the coups!

Thank you.


I'm going to keep trying. I just might win one of these days.

Cool Thanks


Entertain me!

Would love to use this book again.

Bring it on!!

im in

I'd love to have another. Thanks!

I'd love an Entertainment book!

Sign me up!

I dig it!

Another hat in the ring :)

love it!

Pick me.

i can go for some entertainment

Its my lucky day!

Pretty boring around here. I could use some entertainment.

I would like to obtain an entertainmemnt book---thanks

Please include me in the draw!

The Entertainment Book was one of my 10 money saving tips this month!

I am bound to win one of these things right?


That's a great opportunity!

Please consider this comment my official entry into your sweepstakes.

Count me in. Thanks!

Thanks for the chance!

Add me in.

thanks for the chance...will the book be specific to the winner's area?

Jamie --

Yes, the book will be specific to the winner's area.


I'm in.

I would love an entertainment book.

I'll enter again.

Thank you for the offer.

in for 1!

These are great, especially with kids.

I would love to win an entertainment book. Thanks!

I would love to win this. Thank you.

ENTERtain Me! win win win!

Good book to have.

Interested to have this book!! Win me!!!!!:-)

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