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March 30, 2009


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I've just started following your blog and really like it! I first heard you speak on Crown's podcast

Maybe this will be my lucky contest. Sign me up.

Thank you.


It's been years since I bought an Entertainment Book, but I'd just been thinking about getting one again.

I'm in!



In thanks!

Thank you.

Count me in!

Sign me up!

Count me in. :)

Make me a winnah!

i'll take one please.

Entertain me!!!

Thanks for the opportunity! :)



Thanks! Twitter is blocked at work :(

I'll take a stab.

Another great opportunity for free stuff brought to you by the generosity of FMF! Thanks for the chance to win!

Great Money Saving Drawing! Thank you!



I'm trying new things this year, so sign me up. I'm ready to broaden my horizons. Thanks so much...

I've used Entertainment Books for years, but for some reason didn't get one this year... I'm in for a try!

yay coupons

Maybe I'll win this one. Sooner or later everyone will win one! :-)

I also heard you on Crown. We need some Entertainment!


I'd love an Entertainment Book


I'd love to win an Entertainment Book!

Pick Me :-) I'm a broke college student who pinches every penny possible. April is going to be a no-spend-month for me and my boyfriend.

Can I please have the book? Pick Me! Pick Me!

Thank you!

Would love a copy.


Our family could really use this!

Third time's the charm!

Count me in!

I'm in.

Sign me up again! Hopefully luck is on my side!

Please count me in the drawing too! ~ :) Thanks!

Hey, thanks.


Daddy needs a new Entertainment Book.

Count me in to win the entertainment book!!

Pick me this time. :)

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