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March 23, 2009


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Hmmm. Either there is a glitch or I'm the only commenter here.

I want to win.

I would like to win, even though my wife hates board games ;-)

Thank you. This sounds awesome!

Sounds cool, hope the new format works.

I'd like to try it.

love to have this game, thanks


The game sounds interesting. I wonder if my 7-month-old son wants to play.

fingers are crossed. thank you!

Mogul, thanks

I'd like to win that game. thank you

Woo hoo, good luck!

Even after reading your write-up on it from your family's experience, I am still curious.

Free games to keep me busy while at work...I LOVE it!

Looks interesting for sure.

Sounds great!

Thanks for this opportunity!

We love board adult children play games with us and it is a blast!Thanks

My husband loves board games. Bring it on!


I like this format and this game will definitely give me a chance to learn stuff about property before I plan on buying (probably next year).

I'm interested in real estate investing so this looks like it would be a really fun and education game! Thanks!

What a cool game.

Thank you

I will try it!


It would be interesting to try with the kids.

I'll try it. Probably give myself an education in the process.

Sounds interesting!

Would LOVE to win this game - thanks for giving it out!

Thank you!

Please count me in, thanks

Pick me, pick me!! Thanks!!

I'd love to try this game out.

To win would be awesome!

Complicated = fun! :) I'd love to take a shot at this!

Sounds like fun.

I've been very interested in real estate investing for a long time, so I would love to get this game.

Sounds interesting.

Thanks for the opportunity

Make a mogul out of me!


In it to win it.



Looks entertaining

yes please

A chance to get Mogul? Awesome!

Thanks for the giveaway!

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