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April 13, 2009


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This is a great list!

I would add a few more:

11)Ignoring the neighborhood. Be sure to take a close look at how the neighbors take care of their property and notice any businesses that may be nearby.

12)Not planning for the future. Will the house be large enough for children? Will it be set up well for little kids? If something happened to my mobility, would I still be able to comfortably live in the house? I know so many people that only consider what they want/need right now, and don't even think about the house they may want in 5-1o years.

13) Failing to budget for home owner's insurance.

14) Failing to nail down the specifics of what is included. When we last moved, the buyer did not specify that he wanted the wall coverings... so we took them with us to our new house.... saved us a bunch, but cost them a lot extra. Be sure you know EXACTLY what appliances and fixtures are staying with the house so there won't be any surprises later!


14) should read window coverings... not wall... I think I'm sugar crashing after the holiday.

To add to Christine's #11: Failing to heed the mantra of "Location, Location, Location." In my experiences of buying and selling real estate this is one of the most, if not the most, important factors to keep in mind when buying a house.

Error in buying --> is the result of letting the impulse do the talking. Your list is quite a great standard to follow.

Don't fall for your agent saying "...another person has just made an offer on the house... you should be aggressive with a high bid". I've bought two houses. The first one I fell for it and when I bought my next house 4 years later a different agent said the same thing. That time I didn't fall for it and AMAZING, they accepted our low offer!

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