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April 06, 2009


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What a great idea buying a casket from a warehouse club. I wonder if you can buy a couple and use them for storage until they are needed? (I just tried to talk my wife into getting one to keep at the end of the bed.... she didn't appear amused. :>

I purchased a washer and dryer from the Sam's Club web site and got a great price. I had it delivered, so no hassle factor at all. The delivery charge was under $30 and that included hooking everything up.

For my wife's engagement ring, I went w/the family heirloom route. It allowed me to give her a bigger diamond than I could afford to buy and the only cost was about $50 to get it appraised and reset into the ring (my mother had taken the diamond out and had it set into a necklace until such a time as I needed it.)

Much more frugal, and frankly the ring means a lot more to both my wife and to me than if I'd just bought a rock at a jewelry store (or warehouse club).

Here are a couple things that I frequently purchase at my local warehouse club that save me a lot of money:

1. Non-local fruit such as bananas (which don't seem to grow in Maine...) You can get 3 pound bags for about 1/3 the price of buying them at a grocery store, and my wife and I both eat at least 1 banana every day.

2. Gasoline. The price usually ranges from 2 cents more to 20 cents less than the other gas stations nearby and I'm usually there to pick up groceries anyway. The extra pennies are worth it on days it costs more to avoid having to stop again or go out of my way, and on average it costs probably about 3-6 cents less than everywhere else anyway.

I was going to suggest buying the casket ahead of time and setting it up in the guest bedroom... helps your guests feel nice and cozy!

I checked engagement rings at Costco before buying. Their selection was pretty poor and they only had pre mounted rings including the diamond so you couldn't pick ring and diamond separate. Their prices were OK and they have good diamonds. But being able to pick from 100's of diamonds at a jeweler allows a lot more flexibility and options to pick the exact diamond and ring you want for your price range.

I bought my husband's ring at Costco before we were married. I've been happy with it. :)


Buying a casket ahead of time is good planning. And instead of a warehouse store, why not from the Trappists? New Melleray Abbey sells caskets, simplest ones about $800-$1000.
No, I'm not a Trappist but seems like a great idea to me!

For #3, appliances, if you get a great deal, hire a local trucking agency to help deliver it and avoid the hassle factor. I bought a "scratch and dent" fridge from Home Depot and paid about $75 or $80 to have it picked up from the store, delivered to my home and installed - same day, last minute. It was so worth it to get my counter-depth French-door fridge for $1000 off the new price.

@Blaine, having someone give you a diamond is a great frugal option! Hee hee :)

Haha, thanks. Now I know where to shop for a casket.

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