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April 21, 2009


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Ice-cream and pancakes!

Anything Chocolate, Pasta Dishes, Guacamole, Chips & salsa....

Mmm, vinegar and salt chips.

...Come to think of it, FMF, you must have access to Better Made chips. I love the ones in the bright-red bag.

My comfort food is actually a glass of good red wine. I never really got a comfort food. I'm going to have to try that whole warm chocolate chip cookie/ice cream thing though!

Tweeted ya :)

I love some popeye's chicken - and it's on sale tomorrow too!

Sarah --

It's a miracle!!! We agree on something!!!! ;-)

Hmmm, my wife's eggplant parmigiana. She just made a batch for Easter. Chinese food, especially egg rolls and shrimp toast. Hot dogs. I could go on and on...

battered, fried, and salted.....anything

IHOP Chocolate Chip Pancakes with LOTS of syrup

Brownie Sundaes with LOTS of syrup

Cafe Mochas with LOTS of syrup

Hmmm....I think there's a trend here.

A big bowl of mac and cheese always does the trick.

I'm weird - and lived overseas for awhile...


1. Barbecued burgers.
2. My wife's homemade buffalo wings.
3. Spring cheesecake, made with oranges and limes from our back yard.
4. Ice cream. We like to buy several pints and mix the flavors together randomly to see what taste combos work best.
5. Anything Mexican or Italian (I guess it ain't American, but Mexican and Italian restaurants far outnumber "American" restaurants in my city...)


1. "Egg jiaozi" - a Chinese New Year's specialty from my wife's hometown in China.
2. Yangrou Paomo - a Muslim lamb stew from west-central China that I fell in love with when I went to Xi'an.
3. Nian Gao, however prepared.
4. My wife's beef and tofu stew. It's amazingly "beefy" - she slow-cooks it for about a day and the tofu soaks up the beef flavor.
5. KFC (yes, in China - the chicken kicks butt over the KFCs I've been to in the US).

shamless plugs...

At least when linking to your favorite flavor, pick one. Don't pick the company.

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