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April 01, 2009


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I didn't buy it when I was reading your post because:

1. the site would be written by a 20-year-old guy and ghost writers. What?
2. I don't think it was okay for you to say all these stuff even though you have got all your money in bank.
3. How about those charities that you have been supporting?
4. How about all your loyal readers?

Just the last two reasons, I don't believe you would have sold the site.

But if you did, I still couldn't believe it!!

happy April Fools everyone!

I'm so naive. I was starting to get mad at you :) Good one.

wow, I can't believe I fell for that...thankfully for only a minute though. actually had me going for a second...

I sort of fell for it initially as well. I first thought "aww crap!" and then as I kept reading I couldn't believe that you were actually saying all of these things.

Happy April Fools.

When I read the title, I gasped for a second.....just a second.

Then I slapped my forehead and laughed.

Happy April Fools day to you to, FMF

Nice one. I was totally taken in. And thanks for raising my blood pressure so early in the morning. :-)

OMG lol.

You had me going until the bullet list. I was thinking..."sigh, time to unsubscribe from this blog" but then you said some really ridiculous things. :p

Anyhow, happy April Fool's. This was actually the first and only prank on me the entire day. haha.

Good one, you had me for a few seconds.

LOL, OK, you got me too. Well, at least until I got to the credit card part. I knew something was up.

Great April Fool's Days Posting! I was checking out my regular blogs to see if anyone would take advantage of April Fool's day and believe it or not, you are the only one that has delivered... of course... with the exception of my blog...


That was a good one! I almost yanked you out of my google reader until I realized it was a joke.

Hehe, very funny. Just like the others above, I almost unsubscribed you from my reader. Thanks for the scare!!!:)

GOOD ONE! You had me me a few seconds.

Since it was convincing... I believe it could come true. heart stopped. Seriously. I was kind of freaked out. Ahahahahahahaha. I thought "almost 7 figures" was pretty low. :P

Hook, line and sinker! Nice start to the day. Thanks!

It's been a long, long time since I've fallen for an April Fool's Day joke! That was good (mean, but good!).

Ha ha, that was awesome. You had me going for a minute.

You had me going till you said it was sold for 7 figures :)

That was just mean! (I can't believe how gullible I am)

I fell for it and couldn't believe you'd sell FMF to a payday loan company. :-)

I fell for it hook, line, and sinker just like a bunch of the liars above who are not admitting it ;-)

That was some fine piece of writting!

Oh, my god, I totally believed you. Except when I got to the Moose Tracks part. aarrggghhhh

My first thought was "who the heck in their right mind would buy this site for almost seven figures?" And then I was sad for a bit because I thought about what kind of people might have that kind of money laying around to spend on a website when so many people are out there struggling.

Then I realized what day it was. I need more coffee and to pull my head out.

Wow, all you guys really are gullible. I didn't believe one word. But then again, I'm come to never believe anything I read on the Internet on the 1st of April. The risk is just too great.

I fell for it hook, line and sinker. I'm a slower than normal on this April Fool's Day without my cup of coffee from home...of course. Good one FMF!

Hey, that was a close one! I almost straight up unsubscribed you after getting to the first bullet point. I generally consider April Fool's to be a really stupid holiday and ignore it, so it took me a bit to realize. Luckily, I decided it was totally worth leaving a comment about selling out and managed to remember it was April Fool's somewhere around the third bullet point. :)

You're a loser!

As with the rest of your work good job-- you got me good


I wonder how many people saw the first few lines and unsubscribed. Uh oh.

I hope the new owners have a running topics on how cost effective owning pets is and how moving to high cost urban centers is most financially beneficial in the long run. :)

:) I enjoyed it, totally believed it but then I thought, Yea! He has some money. I was happy for you.

I can't believe I totally fell for that. It seemed just unbelievable enough to be true...oh heck I'm just making excuses for myself. Good one.

Well, excellent foolery! I was just thinking, gee, I just found you!

i can't believe I read that who article

you TOTALLY got me! I so gullible! I was thinking, "how is this possible?"
Happy April Fools!

You had me going to the end...I was just starting to wonder where next I'd turn....this is one of my staples.

Nice - very well done - I got a good laugh out of it... ;)

Wow... can't believe I fell for that... ^_^

Got me too - I forgot it was April 1st. I stopped reading after the first bullet point and was all set to unsubscribe when I scrolled down the page for one, sad last look - then I saw I'd been had.

We are glad to hear that you sold your site, but as a rich person, you need to pay us your fair share in taxes. We will be sending you a bill for 90% of the selling price.

You got me!

I was about to congratulate you when it dawned on me what day it is...good one.


Smelled that one a mile away! However you could easily get 7 figures for your blog as long as you accept the following currencies:

-Zimbabwe dollars
-Indonesian Rupiah
-Vietnamese Dong

Nice post!


totally got me. all the way to the very last sentence!! same as others, was totally going to unsubscribe... LOL.
It was sort of disappointing!!
great prank! it worked!

For a second, I thought that I had bought your site.

And I couldn't figure out how I could possibly come up with the seven figure purchase price on my $35K salary with a liberal democrat in the White House.

The payday loan bit tipped me off - that is SO contrary to what FMF believes in and stands for.

I was so disappointed that noone really puts on good gags for April 1st anymore...until I read your post! Thanks for the great laugh- especially enjoyed the using credit cards in creative ways section!

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