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April 07, 2009


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I have only been in that type of a situation only one time and I hope never to be again!

I've had interviewers who "was told by the manager to ask a few puzzles"! Many don't have a clue about the position for which they are interviewing you. Now, I first ask what they can tell me about the job - that either resets the interviewers approach towards you and you can follow the tips above. Or you could give up on that job right there. Many like to show-off their own skills, asking how you would to solve the problems that a whole team of them just solved after struggling for days - this instead of asking me the toughest problem I have solved. I've seen many interviewers who just don't get the point of the interview. I have given up on many such jobs mid-way through the process even if the interview goes well, but maybe that's not the best approach. This world has more mediocre people than people like to believe. You have to play along. :)

When someone asks me 'What are your three strengths and weaknesses?', I can tell they are not a great interviewer.
That is one of the worst questions ever.
Not much you can do but patiently answer the silly questions and hope for the best.
I sometimes turn it around and start asking my own questions.

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