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April 14, 2009


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This would work if you are somewhat senior at the company you work at, I had a friend working for a major US company who came up with a very good idea and mentioned it to his supervisor who laughed it off and told him to do just his job. 5 months later the company announced a new project, the one my friend had come up with and guess who took credit? Yes the supervisor who passed several management levels and a huge pay increase. Not everyone has direct access to the CEO or an executive.

For me, the "homerun" was in NOT doing something; there was a large piece of very old software that I was supposed to "port" from an old 36-bit mainframe to a newer 32-bit mainframe, without changing the results. Anyone who knows math knows this is nearly impossible, so I was dreading the task, and it was supposed to take 18 months.

So, I did a bit of research and it turned out that the software was from NASA, and I dug up a phone number from the back of an ancient manual. I called the phone number and it turned out that the software was still supported - and that NASA would give us a free copy if we asked for it. Not only that, the software was running on the newer mainframe that I was supposed to port to! So, I asked for it, got it, and our group was able to use the software to bid on two projects that we weren't going to otherwise.

I didn't get a raise out of it, but I did avoid the layoff that happened in the department and was able to do Something Else for 18 months...

Very interesting. Good food for thought, especially for people who complain that they don't make enough money or that their company isn't paying them what they deserve. I always think about how I can make a difference at my company, which makes it a lot easier during review time to convince my boss of a bigger raise than my counter-parts. Obviously, if your boss is a jerk or something that can't be helped, then start looking for a new job.

Guys Guys Guys ... come out of the closed box thinking of making money for the company and rather make it for yourself .... Am dead sure that if you put so much of work on your own idea you can a hell lot more than Federico Macheda. Warren Buffet earned his first million when he was 32. Cleary if he had been working for some employer then he couldn't have pulled it off in those times .

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